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is opening the door to anyone & everyone who wants to be active.

Our approach is centred around a love for running; how it makes us feel, think and look. Our aim is to create a unique and meaningful experience of running for your physical and mental well being.



LOVE2RUN offers group programmes, one to one sessions, tailored training.
Love2Run process will educate, support and mentor you to achieve your own personal potential, getting you started on the right foot.

Why Running?

Running is a perfect way for connecting with your body and with the world around you. Every aspect of a person’s physical and mental health will benefit from a running experience.

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I have worked with beginners to advanced runners, children to veterans, sprinters to marathon runners. I have the experience, knowledge and passion to inspire you.

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After 18 months of running three times a week with little improvement I was starting to get injured and was ready to give up on it all together….. that is what prompted me to work with Caroline.

She listened to me and developed a training plan that saw me improve both pace and distance within a few weeks.

By mixing up my training Caroline’s plans have kept me injury free and looking forward to getting out and completing the sessions.

Caroline has an obvious passion for running and helping people achieve their goals, she would be an asset to anyone wanting to run, whether to complete their first 5km or an experienced runner wanting a marathon PB Caroline has the knowledge and experience to get you the results you are after.

Ryan Bunting

Upcoming Love2Run Courses.


Our mums that run programme gives women the chance to access a ten week running programme. The progressive programme allows beginners & women returning to running to work towards their own goals. It can be hard to take those first steps as a runner so starting out with other women helps keep you motivated.

A weekly sessions meeting at Western Avenue Sports Ground, Omokoroa.



Kids are natural runners with an energy and desire to run everywhere. Children should be encouraged to keep active, this programme is based around the child’s natural urge to run around. Children will participate in fun running activities whilst educated in the importance of warming up and cooling down as well as knowledge of how the body responds to exercise.

  • The kids programme operates during term time after school. THIS PROGRAMME IS NOT TAKING PLACE IN TERM ONE 2021.


These sessions are based around all aspects of fitness, with structured sessions and games based activities to get the children active and working towards their fitness goals.

  •  Term time only.  Sessions Tuesdays and Thursdays before school 7:30am – 8:15am.


This programme is aimed at runners who wish to specifically work on improving their running technique, form and fitness.. This is a great interval based session that specifically targets different paces in order to set new personal best times. Come and run with us and meet up with friends so you don’t skip a session!




    Great for all abilities from beginners to experienced runners.

    Personal training running sessions allow us to coach and guide each individual.  Get some expert guidance and focus to make the most of your running training.

    Monthly payment option of $150 for one session a week. These one on one sessions are structured with focus on technique, form and recovery. These sessions will build a foundation in order to allow the runner to get into good running habits.


    Regular running transforms your health, A solid base of mileage is the foundation on which all good running is built. It is important to progress your training volume gradually otherwise cracks will show. Our Personalised training programmes are for runners of all abilities. We offer a free consultation. 

    Programme and service packages.


      Monthly programme with consultation in person or on the phone each week. $40 a month.

      Monthly programme with a guided training session and consultation each fortnight. $80 a month.

      Monthly programme with a guided training session and consultation each week. $100 a month.

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